Blender Keyboard Shortcut Explorer

I've been learning Blender on and off lately, and one thing I learned early on is that shortcut keys are super important in Blender. It has been difficult to memorize the ton of shortcuts without looking at user made cheat-sheets and keyboard layouts. But most of them are never up to date with the latest version so I usually have to resort searching community forum posts. Last weekend I was messing around with python in Blender and I saw that it was possible to access all the keyconfig data. I exported all the data to JSON and had fun making a html keyboard that had all the shortcuts on it. It even updates live with modifier key presses on the keyboard.

Check it out here:


It's a lot easier to keep up to date with the latest Blender because of the awesome data-driven-ness of it.

Depending on community response, I'm thinking of adding things like: search functionality, export custom key configs, upload code to Github and release it as a plugin for Blender.