Ambient Light TV Rig

This is a 50-pixel RGB ambient light rig I built for my TV. The setup uses a raspberry-pi, a webcam, and a RGB LED strip. The colors are sampled from the edges of the TV screen using the webcam. After sampling from the captured frame, each RGB led is updated with the appropriate color on screen.

The initial prototype used an Arduino. The color sampling was done on the PC and sent to the Arduino with serial output. However, with that setup I could only use it when my computer was the input feed (cloned monitor to TV). To use the rig with all input sources, I opted to sample the colors using a webcam. 

The main controller is a headless application that runs on the raspberry pi. It captures out-of-focus webcam frames, samples colors around the edges of the TV and updates the LEDs to match the color of the current frame. A separate desktop python client communicates with the server over a local network. This is used to calibrate the server using an interface to set the bounds of the tv.